Start organic rose garden work

Organic rose gardening is something that many people try. It is not so much different from chemical cultivation. There are many different organic products that are on the market that can be used with roses. There are also organic things that you can use around your home to make an organic compost.

Humus is something that arises during the production of organic compost. It is an organic substance that can be produced at home to help with soil problems. Humus can help to balance the pH of the soil and if the soil is a little too sandy. Humus is not difficult to make and I would suggest once you know that you want to start with the organic rose garden. You would then take the hummus and mix it with your soil.

How to make compost

Compost that has been thoroughly composted contains a lot of hummus. Humus is very good for the organic rose garden, actually good for any kind of gardening.

To produce compost, mix some organic household waste and garden waste into a compost container or stack and then create the best conditions for composition. The compost container contains all the microscopic organisms known as bacteria and fungi that feed on your compost and recycle it. This process will be a rich organic fertilizer for your organic rose garden.

In order for the microorganisms to live, you need to add some water to your compost container. Adding water is kind of tricky just because you need to find the happy middle. If you add too much then it will become a marshy mess and not what you want, but if you don’t add enough water then the microbes could die. Usually, you want your compost heap to be moist but not soaked. Ideally, there should be a 3’x3’x3’x3′ pile of compost to make it easier to rotate the pile when needed. The rotation ensures that everything is recycled.

A good compost temperature is between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best “cook” temperature for the compost, because these are the temperatures that kill almost all plant diseases and weed seeds. When the compost begins to disintegrate, you will notice that the pile becomes smaller. Normally the end result is about 60-70 percent smaller than the original stack.

Adding to your compost heap or container

When you start adding more to the container, do not push the stack down as it will push out all the air the germs need for their work. When you add to the stack, try to have a plan. They want to give the compost a balanced diet. After you have thrown your organic kitchen waste into the waste bin, throw in some garden/yard greens. By doing this you help to reduce odors and keep everything in balance.

Your compost is ready when you cannot select any of the ingredients that have been added to the stack. It should look dark and rich, and it should crumble easily in your hand. The compost should also smell earthy and sweet. If these are not the properties you see in your compost heap/container, then it takes more time to “cook”.

Now that you have your organic compost ready for your rose garden, you can start with the organic rose garden. Typically, most people mix the organic waste into the soil before they plant their rose garden. You can also sprinkle the matter on top of the soil, but then use water to help the nutrients in the compost get deep into the soil.

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