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For some, caring for the garden is a real passion, while for others it is more like a chore. But in any case, it is necessary to perform many different tasks in order to have an elegant and pleasant outdoor space.

Between trimming hedges, mowing the lawn or growing flowers, for example, there are many activities that, when combined, can require several hours of work each month.

At Tout Jardin Direct, we wanted to save you time and physical effort by introducing you to the best gardening equipment of the moment. Thanks to them, gardening has never been so pleasant, and the results you will obtain will necessarily meet your expectations.

We have looked for quality products that are also simple to use and relatively economical. So, whatever your needs, there is no doubt that you will find here everything you need to garden in the best conditions.

But we also wanted to give you our gardening advice. If you are unsure about how to trim your hedges or grow your flowers, for example, or transplant a tree, you will find a lot of open access information on this site that will help you get started in your gardening with the greatest possible serenity.

Of course, we have made sure to be the most complete so that you can benefit in one place from all the tips and tricks necessary to make your garden quickly become the same as your dreams.

Why create a garden?

If more and more French people want to have their own garden, this is no coincidence, quite the contrary. The advantages of a garden are many, and it is very likely that after discovering them, you too would like to put on your boots and get to work.

So that you know very concretely what benefits you will get from your next garden, we will list the details below. And as you will soon realize, some of the benefits are particularly surprising.

Well-being and peace of mind

This is the main reason why people like to have their own garden. Well-being. Thanks to the calm of nature, the visual beauty and the subtle blend of natural colours, your mind will be rested no matter what.

By taking the time to observe or stroll through your garden from your Take garden furniture, you will feel much more in tune with yourself. You will feel your potential stress diminish and those aspects of your life that you previously thought were extremely important and worrying will be much less so.

The garden is a space of relaxation and well-being considered as such since antiquity. Each culture highlights the benefits of a garden, anywhere in the world.

This type of space is so important for everyone’s well-being and peace of mind that even hospitals are now cultivating their own gardens in order to provide an effective soothing solution for their patients.

And of course, by feeling better, you will be more ready to face everyday life, which, little by little, will allow you to be much more in tune with yourself.

The freedom

Obviously, by having your own garden, you will have almost infinite freedom to do what you want in it, that’s the passion of gardening. For example, you will be free to grow all the plants you want or to organize it as you wish.

But you will also be able to cook on the barbecue or grill without having to worry about the reluctance of your neighbours, a fact that is unfortunately all too common in urban areas. Your garden will allow you to let your imagination run wild by creating a beautiful pallet garden furniture. It’s both ecological because it’s recycled and trendy.

Your garden will make you feel alone in the world and perfectly free. You will be free to stay there for many hours, read a book or rest there without fear of any reproach. Nature is the component of our environment that most contributes to our own sense of freedom.

By having your own garden, you will have this corner of nature to yourself. This way, you will be able to recharge your batteries as soon as you feel the need or desire, without having to leave your home. In your garden or on your terrace you can even enjoy the benefits of water by bringing an inflatable spa so that the pleasure is complete.

Ecology and biodiversity

By cultivating your own garden, you will of course contribute to a healthier planet. At your level, you will contribute to the improvement of our environment because you know that plants are the lungs of the Earth.

They make it possible to eliminate the various pollutants present in the air in order to clean up the latter. And even if you don’t think that a single garden will change the face of the Earth, know that there is no such thing as a small gesture to protect the environment.

By having your own garden, you will also contribute to the preservation and development of biodiversity. Various insects or animals will invite themselves to your home to live and reproduce, which will allow them to repopulate their population.

As soon as the sun comes out, you will have the pleasure of seeing birds coming to make their nests or to observe insects come to forage within your plants, thus making your garden a real living space.

By creating a water basin in your garden you will have a real biodiversity. But don’t forget that it’s nice to put a wooden garden henhouse to have nice and beautiful eggs.

The food supply

If you wish, one of the possibilities offered by a garden is to be able to grow your own fruit and vegetables. And in a context where it is increasingly difficult to eat a healthy and correct diet, eating your own food can only be beneficial to your health.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there is no doubt that you will be able to get results very simply since some fruits or vegetables require almost no maintenance to grow. Consider growing organic by making your compost for organic gardening is better than fertilizer and using your coffee grounds.

If you want to regain control over your diet but also save money, then growing your own fruits and vegetables can be something really interesting.

You will remove from your diet all pesticides and other chemicals that are too frequently found in products sold in supermarkets, which will have a particularly interesting effect on your health and that of those around you.

The teaching

Having a garden is the best way to teach your children many things about nature. For example, you can explain how a flower grows, how plants or insects reproduce. But you will also be able to teach them the names of the plants and pass on all your knowledge in various fields.

And one thing is certain, your children will love learning in this way because they will be in direct contact with the subject, which will make it easier for them to integrate the information you give them while sharpening their curiosity and openness.


The last advantage is much less well known, although it is no secret to anyone. As you begin to cultivate your garden, you will discover that this activity will quickly turn into a very enjoyable hobby.

And little by little, you will want to get out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges. For this, you will need the advice of other amateur gardeners, with whom you will exchange tips or plant seeds for example.

In other words, the more your interest in gardening grows, the more you will meet new and passionate people like yourself.

What are the main gardening devices?

To carry out your various gardening tasks successfully, any direct garden helps you, you will need to be very well equipped. Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, to maintain a garden, you have to use many different tasks.

Fortunately, while manual garden tools are interesting because they are economical, there are also motorized gardening devices that will save you a lot of time thanks to their exceptional efficiency.

To let you know what the main devices you may need, here are the details.

The lawnmower

Of course, the lawnmower is essential to any good gardener for two main reasons. First of all, it allows you to maintain your lawn very easily and quickly, especially since most of these devices are now self-propelled.

Depending on the size of your garden, mowing your lawn may only take a few minutes with this device. For the same area, if you had to do this manually, you would need several dozen hours of work.

The edger

Edge trimmingDepending on the structure of your garden or property, the lawnmower may not be sufficient. Indeed, some borders are too small or too inclined, which requires a specific treatment.

With the rotofil edger, you will benefit from a very simple to use portable gardening device that will help you achieve perfect results with minimal time spent on it. What is very interesting with such equipment is that it offers exceptional precision.

Even if you have to operate in a very sensitive environment, in the midst of plants that are dear to you, for example, with a minimum of technical expertise and a lot of concentration, you will not risk the slightest incident whatsoever.

Finally, when you do your research, you can find electric or thermal edgers. Each type of device has its advantages and disadvantages, so it will be very important that you make your choices according to your expectations.

The thermal weed killer

The thermal weed killer is the perfect alternative to products concentrated in toxic substances. Indeed, thanks to such equipment, you will have a perfectly ecological solution to get rid of weeds or plants that are too invasive.

In practice, such a device works exactly like a torch. Thanks to a gas refill, a very precise flame will be diffused, after which you only have to aim at the unwanted plant.

Thanks to the thermal weeder, you can remove the visible part of the plant, but you can also burn its roots without having to pull them out. But for large areas it is also possible to use a mulching cloth to see depending on your garden.

The brushcutter

Brush cutterThe brush cutter, also known as a pruner, is very close to the edger, except that it is much stronger and more powerful at the same time. Indeed, if part of your garden was in the grip of a much too large heap of greenery, two solutions would then be available to you.

You could opt for manual treatment with a pruning shear, which would take you days. The other solution, much simpler and faster, would be to use a brushcutter. Thanks to its blades, it will cut and chop without mercy all the desired area. However, such equipment is not very accurate, so you will have to use it with a lot of concentration.